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autobahn™ Ceramic Coatings

At Tint View we exclusively partnered with autobahn™ Ceramic Coatings, which are designed for the ultimate vehicle finish. A ceramic coating is an extremely thin nano-coating that forms a chemical bond with the surface that it is applied to. These nano-ceramic coatings are the new industry standard for vehicle protection, especially when it comes to painted surfaces, glass, and interior textiles.

Highly durable and hydrophobic, nano-ceramic coatings shield the vehicle’s clear coat and act as a sacrificial barrier between the elements and your paint. This is guaranteed to effectively lessen the ​chances of new swirl marks and marring from forming and seal the paint from numerous forms of contamination and damage, like bird droppings and harsh chemicals.

Ceramic Coatings
/ $650 Truck, SUV, Van
  • Complete Vehicle Protection
  • Extremely hydrophobic
  • Unparalleled shine
  • Easy washing for years
  • Factory fresh after paint correction

What Are The Benefits?

Vehicle owners will enjoy a paint surface that is ultra slick, with the appearance of a vehicle that is freshly waxed, except with a glossy appearance that lasts for years instead of weeks. Coatings can also be applied to wheels, callipers, glass, fabrics, leather and plastics to preserve and protect them from grime, brake dust, stains, spills and abrasion, as well as many other contaminants. Vehicles with Paint Protection Film or Vinyl Wraps can also be over-coated with a ceramic coating for the most effective paint shield possible.

Are you an architect or home owner? Ceramic coatings are available for all building surfaces, too. Which means your home or office will enjoy the same protection and benefits, including easy cleanup and resistance to stains and corrosion. Below you will find the coatings we distribute across the country to the best installer network in the world.

Who are ceramic coatings made for? Ceramic coatings are one of the greatest accomplishments in nano-technology, and is primed to completely redefine how we think of automotive paint. Despite the incredible power of this new technology, many people are still unaware of its benefits. With its extreme durability, hydrophobicity, chemical resistance, temperature and UV protection, and unparalleled shine, it is a must have for any automotive enthusiast.

What’s Involved

To give your car a better than new shine and protect it from the elements for years to come, we employ a multi-step process to clean your vehicle, correct scratches and swirl marks in the paint, then protect it with a high gloss ceramic coating.

Everything begins with a hand wash and hand dry of your vehicle, then a full clay bar treatment. This takes care of all of the industrial fallout and other nastiness that has been sitting on your clear coat for years. When this is done we assess the quality of the underlying paint and decide how much paint correction your vehicle needs to look like new again. Some cars will require none, and other will require multiple passes taking up to an entire day to complete. That is why the prices above have a range, and we will quote you the exact cost once we see your vehicle in person.

Polishing your vehicle from bumper to bumper will help remove all of the swirls, scratches, and orange peel that gives you a rough surface and hinders that factory quality shine. Once we smooth out that clear coat with a graduated series of polishes, buffing every square inch, your vehicle will be looking even better than it did from the factory.

Now that the paint is perfect, it is time to seal it in and protect it for years. We coat the entire vehicle in Opti-Coat Ceramic Coating, making an extremely strong barrier between the elements and your paint that is Hydrophobic (so water slips right off), protecting from small scratches and swirls, and has a high gloss shine like you have never seen before. There is no product in our shop that has turned heads quite like this, you really do have to see it to believe it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

Generally speaking, 2 days is enough time. We need a day for paint correction, and another day for the ceramic coating to cure before your vehicle is safe for the road again. If your paint needs extensive paint correction it could take longer, but that would be out of the ordinary.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes you do. Because we tint for major dealerships in town as well as individual clients we are usually booking about a week in advance for appointments. Some times in the year you can get in sooner, but just give us a call and we can let you know right away.

Our contact form allows you to tell us your vehicle’s make and model so we can give you an exact quote at the same time as booking your appointment.

How long does it last?

Ceramic Coatings will give you a showroom shine for between 1-3 years, depending on the road conditions, weather, and maintenance schedule you adhere to.

What does it protect against?

Ceramic Coating will help you:

  • Protect Against Uv Damage / Oxidization
  • Protect Against Chemical Stains And Etching
  • Increase Your Ease Of Cleaning
  • Enhance Your Vehicle’s Shine

What does it NOT protect against?

Ceramic coating is extremely important for the protection of your vehicle. The only things it can’t do are:

  • Eliminate The Danger Of Scratches, Swirl Marks, Or Rock Chips (But it does help)
  • Eliminate The Risk Of Water Spotting (You Still Need To Clean It, It Is Just Way Easier)
  • Eliminate The Need To Wash It (You Gotta Wash It, But It’ll Be So Easy Now)

Product Lines

Autobahn™ Keramik X is a clear, nano- ceramic coating that permanently bonds with surfaces providing superb scratch resistance, superior hydrophobicity and chemical/oxidation resistance. With its increased active ingredients, Keramik X can achieve better performance, with fewer layers, than any other brand on the market.

Inquire here for more info.

Autobahn™ Leicht can be used by itself providing great durability or layered with Keramik X packages for the ultimate in durability, gloss, and hydrophobicity. Leicht has been formulated to be extremely easy to apply.

Inquire here for more info.

Autobahn™ Wächter ceramic coating is specially formulated to provide a durable hydrophobic layer to any glass or window film surface. Wächter is easy to apply, increases scratch resistance, and makes the surface smooth and easy to clean.

Inquire here for more info.

Autobahn™ Kristall is a two-part chemical application that works with the silica in glass for a permanent bond. With it’s excellent hydrophobic properties, Kristall improves visibility during wet weather and makes cleaning your car windows much easier.

Inquire here for more info.

Autobahn™ Plastisch ceramic coating is designed for plastic and rubber surfaces to provide a durable layer, improving UV and wear resistance, while the hydrophobic characteristics make the surfaces much easier to clean.

Inquire here for more info.

Autobahn™ Textil is a deep penetrating inorganic spray for use on natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and wool as well as suede. Due to the excellent hydrophobic nature, water beads up and rolls off and cleaning is very easy. For synthetic fabrics use Leicht, Wächter, or Keramik X.

Inquire here for more info.

Autobahn™ Nautik is a clear, nano-ceramic coating installed below a watercraft’s water line that permanently bonds with surfaces providing extreme durability as well as protection from corrosion, oxidation and surface fouling like barnacles and algae. Nautik also improves gloss and makes cleaning much easier.

Inquire here for more info.

Product Lines

Coatings for All Surfaces

autobahn™ is launching their ceramic line with a total of seven different products. This means no matter what you would like to protect, autobahn™ has you covered. Click the titles below to get more info, then click through to send us a message for more information.

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