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Home Window Tinting  Options

Choosing a Home Window Tint Solution

If you’re reading this you’re probably familiar with the numerous performance benefits of high-quality window film. Here is a guide to help you choose the best product for you.

There are many benefits to investing in home window tint, including reducing monthly energy costs, adding a layer of security, and protecting your family and furnishings from harmful UV rays. Home window film products are one simple step to enhance the function of existing windows of any residence-even if it’s just to reduce glare. Before starting on any window film renovation project, there are four main steps you should take that will help you evaluate your options and find the perfect product for your home.

Determine Your Goals

Not all window films are created equal. Each window film product has a unique benefit, so it’s helpful to identify your goals, and then we can guide you through the selection process.

For example, if your home is vulnerable to weather related damage (maybe there are many trees close to your home), security window film might be the best option. If you have big south-facing windows, window film with UV blocking features will protect your furnishings and interior from fading due to the suns damaging rays. Many art collectors are seeking solar control for their viewing rooms, and car collectors are hoping to reduce the risk of illegal entry to their garage. No matter what your needs are, we can help you find a suitable product within your budget.

Compare Products

Your goals will determine the performance quality to select in a home window film product. If your priority is energy efficiency, then we will help you consult the spec sheets provided by various window film manufacturers to find the highest performing films. The spec sheet provides information on qualities like Visible Light Transmission (VLT)- the higher the VLT, the better the efficiency. Additionally, low U-values represent improved energy savings in colder months.

Performance characteristics can be confusing to the layperson, so we are more than happy to help you compare product performance information. We have been in the business for long enough to be able to quickly steer you toward the perfect product for your needs.

Determine Aesthetics

Home window film products come in various shades and degrees of visibility. Functionality is certainly a top consideration when choosing an energy efficient window film product, but there’s a place for aesthetics, too. Consider which window film product would best enhance the aesthetics of your home, whether it’s a reflective, virtually invisible, bronze, or a different shade. When we come to a client’s home to help them evaluate the aesthetics of their film choice, we are able to compliment paint colours and add to the feel of specific rooms by controlling the light in a variety of interesting ways. You would be surprised how much you can do with your windows beyond covering them with blinds or shades.

In-Home Estimate

Once you’ve decided on a home window film product, the last step before making your goal a reality is having us assess your home and provide a quote for a film and installation package. With this quote you will be able to decide how the addition of window film will help you reach your goals from step one. It’s always exciting to see in numbers your anticipated long-term energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.

Regardless of whether you invest in home window tint for premium solar protection, a layer of security or to enhance your privacy, once it’s been installed by our qualified installers, you’ll feel the benefits for many years to come. If you think you’re ready to upgrade your home, just give us a call or send us a message.

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