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autobahn™ Black Ceramic

Built on Proven Nano-Ceramic Dispersion Technology

Broad spectrum infrared rejection technology that is more advanced and higher performing than anything else at this price point.

autobahn™ Black Ceramic is built on proven nano-ceramic dispersion technology. Autobahn Black Ceramic offers virtually no low-angle haze present in some other ‘large particle’ dispersion films as well as contains a blend of type and size of ceramics that provide broad-spectrum infrared rejection rather than a simple technology that may have high infrared rejection but only within a narrow bandwidth.

Who is autobahn™ Black Ceramic made for? These window films are made with the price conscious but extremely discerning automotive customer in mind. You will also enjoy increased heat rejection and reduced glare compared to competing products at this price point because autobahn’s proven nano-ceramic dispersion technology. Read on for the full specs to compare the performance indicators of each shade.

Technical Specifications

Key Performance Indicators

There are 5 different shades of autobahn™ Black Ceramic window film, each one allowing less and less visible light through. As the number decreases, the shade gets darker, as the number refers to the percentage of light able to pass through the film.

Black Ceramic 055%8%>99%63%
Black Ceramic 1516%8%>99%59%
Black Ceramic 3031%8%>99%55%
Black Ceramic 4040%8%>99%53%
Black Ceramic 5047%8%>99%50%
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