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autobahn™ Black

Colour Stable, Deep Dyed Film

The autobahn Black line of window films offers a sophisticated style through a blend of aesthetics with value in mind.

autobahn™ Black offers a sophisticated style through a blend of aesthetics and value in mind. Black is a colour-stable deep-dyed film – second to none in colour stable dye technology on the market. Of course Black also causes no interference with radio frequencies or electronic control systems. Autobahn™ Black starts with the highest quality base polyester available giving it a truly black appearance. You have to see it to believe it.

Who is autobahn™ Black made for? These window films are made with the budget conscious automotive customer in mind. If you are looking for an option to go dark with your tint and achieve a stylish, modern, blacked out look, this is a really great choice. Other films on the market begin life with blue, green, or brown bases, so they never achieve a rich a satisfying black like autobahn™. Read on for the full specs to compare the performance indicators of each shade.

Technical Specifications

Key Performance Indicators

There are 7 different shades of autobahn™ Black window film, each one allowing less and less visible light through. As the number decreases, the shade gets darker, as the number refers to the percentage of light able to pass through the film.

Black 055%6%>99%43%
Black 1515%6%>99%42%
Black 3031%6%>99%36%
Black 3636%6%>99%35%
Black 4042%6%>99%34%
Black 5049%6%>99%30%
Black 5656%6%>99%29%
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