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LG Hausys: Windeco

Pearl finishes, embossed patterns, and custom printed window films

LG Hausys Windeco Window Films are a PVC – based graphic film characterized by its pearl finishes and embossed patterns reflecting the company’s outstanding technology. It also allows users to customize the designs by adding patterns through digital printing. Using LG Hausys’ Windeco Film you can easily add a new decorative dimension to your spaces.

Look below to get an idea of how Windeco films from LG perfectly mimic the effect of expensive etched, fogged, and mosaic glass without the cost of changing your window panes. These films are removable, washable, durable, and have the added benefit of increasing privacy and security in your building while offering custom styling at an accessible price point.


Why Choose Windeco Films


Anti Scattering function prevents the secondary accident caused by pieces of broken glass in the event of sudden glass breakage.

Scratch Resistance

Surface strength has been improved through surface hard coating. Contaminant resistance is outstanding, with no stains left after alcohol cleaning, even when left overnight.



UV blocking ratio of over 99% blocks harmful UV rays from daily life and prevents pigmentation, freckles, and skin aging. As recommended by the Canadian Cancer Society.

Privacy Protection

Blocking views from the outside to protect personal privacy. You no longer need dark imposing tint to gain privacy, instead do it in style with Windeco.

Technical Specifications

Key Performance Indicators

Below we have put the key performance indicators of LG Hausys Windeco films. Compare adhesion, durability, and roll sizes below to find the perfect match for your next project.

CategoryProductMaterialThicknessColourAdhesive TypeAdhesive ColourLinerDurabilityWidth (mm)
Glass EtchedLC5510PVC90µmDeep SilverPermanentClearPE Coated PaperUp to 5 yrs1220/1520
Glass EtchedLC5511PVC90µmGold EtchedPermanentClearPE Coated PaperUp to 5 yrs1220
Glass EtchedLC5560PVC90µmSilverPermanentClearPE Coated PaperUp to 5 yrs1220/1520
Glass EtchedLC5580PVC90µmLight SilverPermanentClearPE Coated PaperUp to 5 yrs1220
FogEP115PVC100µmFogPermanentClearPE Coated PaperUp to 3 yrs1000/1220
FogLC5520PVC130µmFog (Clear)RemovableClearPE Coated PaperUp to 3 yrs920/1220
FogLC5521PVC130µmFog (Milky)RemovableClearPE Coated PaperUp to 3 yrs920/1220
FogLC5522PVC130µmFog (Brown)RemovableClearPE Coated PaperUp to 3 yrs1220
MosaicLC5540PVC130µmMosaic (Square)RemovableClearPE Coated PaperUp to 3 yrs1220
MosaicLC5550PVC130µmMosaic (Cube)RemovableClearPE Coated PaperUp to 3 yrs1220
MilkyLC4550PVC80µmLight MilkyPermanentClearPE Coated PaperUp to 3 yrs1220/1520
MilkyLC5570PVC90µmMilkyPermanentClearPE Coated PaperUp to 5 yrs1220
DiamondLA8082NPVC75µmSparkling DiamondPermanentClearPE Coated PaperUp to 3 yrs1220
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