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The Case For Decorative Films

The Case for Decorative Films

Decorative window films are a simple, quick, and economic way to give your home a makeover and enjoy more privacy.

Decorative glass films are a simple, cost effective way to add style to any building. The incredible variety of window films available allow for total freedom in design, and they are easily customizable to suit any requirements. Window films can be used to create patterns, texture, or colour to a window without having to replace the pane itself, which is an expensive process.

Specially designed window films can be used to alter the transparency of the glass, which has many benefits aside from the aesthetics.

6 Benefits of Decorative Glass Films

Privacy: Window films can be used on exterior and interior windows to enhance privacy. If you are in an area with heavy foot traffic, or you just find that your neighbours are a little too close for comfort, decorative glass films can be a great way to keep prying eyes at bay. Additionally, window films can be used to create partitions inside buildings, which is useful for offices and homes.

Huge Variety: Custom glass panels are exorbitantly expensive, and often limit you to only a few options. Stock and custom decorative window films enable you to create a huge variety of finishes at a fraction of the cost of custom glass panels

Brand Integration: Decorative glass panels enable you to incorporate a brand or logo onto glass panels. This can be a great way to customize a storefront or office setting.

Saves Money: As mentioned earlier, decorative window films are a more economical option than custom glass panes. In addition to the outright savings, window films are easy to remove or replace, whereas custom glass requires the entire panel be removed and replaced.

Create Visual Breaks: Glass films can be used to strategically create a visual break in space. This can be useful to create balance in exterior and interior spaces.

Easy Maintenance: Textured glass can be a nightmare to clean, as dirt and oils build up in the tiny crevasses that create the texture. Decorative window films are easy to wipe clean, meaning your glass will look brand new for years to come.

If decorative window films sound like they could benefit your home or business, give us a call or send us a message to discuss all the wide variety options available to you.

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