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The Pros And Cons Of Window Tint

The Pros and Cons of Window Tint

Nothing comes without compromises. In this article we seek to clarify the potential pros and cons of automotive window tint.

When it comes to our vehicles, safety is the first and most important feature that comes to mind. Most people understand the aesthetic benefits of window tint, but are unaware of many of the other benefits – including safety. High quality automotive window tint reduces interior fading, protects your vehicle against thieves, seriously reduces glare, and makes your vehicle more comfortable on sunny days. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons regarding automotive window tint.


Safety: This is one of the most unknown benefits of window tint. Although the windshields of our cars are made of a glass-plastic laminate, the side and rear windows, as well as the sunroof, are made of tempered glass. Tempered glass will shatter into thousands of pieces during an accident. Window tint film holds the majority of these pieces together, so they don’t fly around the cabin and injure occupants. A high-quality film, such as the ones we use at Tint View, will hold the pieces together in the event of an accident.

Looks: There is a reason that vehicles featured in car manufacturers’ advertisements have their windows tinted – they look better. Tint comes in a variety of darkness levels, and isn’t just for sports cars. Window tint is a versatile addition that can be used to make any vehicle look more sporty, rugged, or sophisticated.

Security: Most automotive theft are crimes of opportunity, meaning potential thieves will only break into a car if they can see something valuable inside. Tinting your windows eliminates the ability of thieves to see your valuables – such as a smartphone, wallet, or computer – so your car becomes a less likely target. Alarm systems only deter thieves once they have tried to break into your vehicle, but tint will prevent them from trying.

Glare: Even very light tint shades can seriously reduce glare from direct sunlight, or light that is reflected off wet roads, buildings, or other vehicles. Using window tint will have you squinting less often and make your commute safer.

Heat: Untreated windows let in solar radiation that turns the inside of your car into a sauna. A layer of tint (even light colours) will keep the inside of your car cooler and more comfortable. Not only will your vehicle become a nicer place to be, but it will also lighten the load on your air conditioner which lengthens its lifespan and reduces your fuel consumption.

Health: All window tint, regardless of its darkness, blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays. These rays degrade the interior surfaces of your car, such as seat upholstery and dashboard materials, and cause sunburns and skin cancer. Keeping the occupants of your vehicle safe, as well as maintaining the finish of the interior surfaces, is easily accomplished with the application of a high-quality window film.


Visibility: Extremely dark tints can reduce the driver’s visibility while driving in low-light conditions, such as through a tunnel or at night. At Tint View, we are aware of the limitations of dark tints so we will make sure that you end up with a tint that accomplishes your aesthetic goals, and also keeps you safe.

Cracking and Peeling: Low-quality DIY kits will crack and peel relatively soon after application. If you want your tint to last for the lifetime of your vehicle, make sure to have the job done by experienced and licensed professionals that use a high-quality film.

Regulation: In every province, there are laws that govern how much tint can be applied to each window of your vehicle. If you tint your car yourself, you may end up breaking these laws without even knowing it and end up with a costly ticket. Here at Tint View, we are well versed in the legislation surrounding window tint all across Canada. To avoid unwanted run-ins with the fuzz, make sure to bring your car to us.

Do you have any questions regarding automotive window film? Don’t stay in the dark – give us a shout and we will be happy to help

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