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6 Cool Home Window Film Tips

6 Window Film Tips

Many of the benefits of high-quality window film are invisible, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Here are 6 window film tips every home owner should know of:

Colour Neutral Options

For homeowners that don’t want to change the aesthetic of their home, but still want the protective benefits of window film, check out colour-neutral films. These window films come with the performance benefits of other films, without any of the metallic shine or changes in your home’s natural light.

Lower Bills

Here at Tint View, we hate energy bills. Solar window films reduce the amount of solar energy that enters your home by up to 80%, cutting down on your air conditioning costs. In the winter, these same films will help your home retain heat. Energy efficient window films will take a sizeable chunk out of your monthly energy bills and reduce your overall environmental footprint.

Learn about how customers in the commercial sector are saving money with window films right here.

Protect Your Furnishings

Visible light lies between ultraviolet light, which damages furniture, leather, fabrics, artwork, and wood flooring, and infrared light, which transmits heat. Treated windows block ultraviolet and infrared light, while allowing visible light to pass through. This is how window films keep your home protected and cool without blocking any natural light.

Fade reduction and more with residential solar films. Learn more.

Improved Style and Privacy

Modern window films are an inexpensive way to transform normal glass into frosted or etched windows. These films can be used to create privacy and add some style to your home.

Window Film Can't Fix Everything

If your windows are in a state of disrepair, leaking, or poorly insulated, no film on the market will fix that. At a certain point, windows need to be replaced. However, if your windows are in good shape and simply need a performance boost, window film is the most cost and time efficient way to do it.

Get a Warranty

Reputable film installation companies will offer a warranty for their work – make sure you read and understand that warranty. The company shouldn’t hesitate to explain anything you don’t understand. Warranties will protect you against a bad installation. Bad installations will lead to film that peels, bubbles, or lifts. At Tint View you get the best warranty in the business, with installation quality that is second to none.

Window film is a versatile addition to any home. To find out how window film can benefit your home, give us a call or send us a message. We’re always happy to chat.

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