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Increase Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Boost Your Resale Value

Tinting is one of the very few aftermarket mods that will actually help the resale value of your car.

Even though there are dozens, if not hundreds, of add-on upgrades you can add to your vehicle when it is being purchased (or aftermarket from third parties) it turns out there are only a few that actually increase the resale value of your vehicle as much as it costs for the upgrade.

Our friends at Bankrate did some investigative digging and found that there were only 7 vehicle comfort upgrades that will actually increase the value of your vehicle on the second hand market. Why is that? Well, many of the “upgrades” that people add to their vehicle make it look non-original, and the desire to buy a stock original vehicle is so strong in buyers that they shy away from those vehicles and their value drops.

“The whole notion behind vehicle personalization or customization is to make your vehicle fit you, its owner, like a glove, and to really make it meet your individual needs,” Peter MacGillivray – SEMA

The average consumer spends $2000 on upgrades, and as you can see from the quote above, they do this in an attempt to customize their vehicle for their own personal taste. This makes driving the vehicle a pleasure during ownership, but has the potential to alienate potential buyers on the used market who have different tastes.

What does this have to do with Tint View? Well, one of the only after market upgrades you can do to your vehicle and actually increase its value is window tinting. Not just any window tinting, mind you. The faded, bubbling, purple and otherwise discoloured tint you see on the road by DIYers does not count. The study showed that factory quality window tint creates the greatest sense of value for its long life, high heat resistance, UV blocking, and most of all, its stock look.

We have written extensively on how we achieve factory quality installs on our window tint, and you can read about it here. Does your vehicle have faded and bubbling DIY tint on it? We also do removal to get you back to stock before selling.

What were the other add-ons that help you with resale value? Here they are, in no particular order (notice the constant use of the word “appropriate”):

  • Appropriate-size alloy rims/wheels with lower-profile tires.
  • Navigation systems.
  • Mobile electronics, such as in-car DVD “infotainment” systems, satellite radio and premium stereo packages).
  • Factory-installed or vehicle-appropriate aftermarket leather seats/leather interiors.
  • Sunroofs/moon roofs.
  • Intelligent keys (free you from having to turn a physical switch to start a car, and they also automatically configure a car’s seats, mirrors and radio stations to the preference of the specific driver).
  • Appropriate body kits such as bed-liners, fascias, grilles, step-bars, running boards, brush-guards, fog lights, and taillight treatments.
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