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How Window Tint Can Eliminate Range Anxiety

Eliminate Range Anxiety With Window Tint

 Electric cars are here, and here to stay. This one simple trick will save you money and dramatically increase your EV’s range.

There’s no longer any question that electric vehicles are the way of the future. Electric motors are more efficient than traditional internal combustion engines, batteries are improving and becoming less expensive, the cost of fuel is skyrocketing, and people are becoming more environmentally conscious. For many people, the only hesitation around purchasing a new EV is range anxiety. Although charging stations are becoming more common, the hesitation is easy to understand. We did a bit of research and found a simple way you can increase the range of your EV.

Similar to traditional gas cars, running the auxiliary functions of your EV consumes serious amounts of power. Things like the stereo, seat warmers, and interior lights consume moderate amounts of energy, but the real killer is heating and air conditioning.

Here’s an example: a Tesla Model S 90D expects a range of 522KMs on a hot summer’s day. However, by running the air conditioner that figure plummets to 486KMs – nearly a 10% reduction. Using the heater during the winter has a similar effect.

The Solution

Fortunately, there is a way to preserve your EV’s range, while staying comfortable year-round. In addition to blocking 99% of harmful UV rays, ceramic window tint will reject up to 85% of solar heat from entering your car during the summer and will help retain heat in the winter. This reduces the load on your AC and heater units, making them last longer, and giving you back 10% of your EV’s range.

A Little Math

1 smart buying strategy can actually help you get your car tinted for free. Most EVs are offered with a choice of wheel diameter, typically 19 or 21 inches. The large wheels are much more expensive, and because larger wheels require more energy to turn, they reduce your car’s range.

For example, choosing 21-inch rims on the Tesla 90D will set you back $5900 and reduce your range (check out the equation below). Since ceramic tint is a tiny fraction of the cost of the huge wheels, it just makes sense.

21” Rims + Driving with AC = $5900 and 465KM range
19” Rims + Full High Performance Ceramic Tint = $590 and 522KM range

The math is simple. Increase comfort, save money, and enhance performance with ceramic window tint. Ask us about getting your EV tinted, we’d love to chat.

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