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Protecting Car Paint From The Sun

Protecting Car Paint from the Sun

Our vehicle’s paint is not only important for making our cars look stunning, but the paint and clear coat is also the first line of defence against corrosion and chip damage.

Sun exposure is one of the most damaging environmental factors that your car is exposed to on a regular basis, all months of the year. Harsh ultraviolet rays damage your vehicle’s exterior paint, which is vital in protecting your car’s body from rust and oxidation. Here are a couple tips for how to protect your car from the sun.

Reduce Exposure

Whenever possible, try to limit the amount of time your car spends in direct sunlight. This can mean parking in a garage at home or at work, using a car cover, or parking in the shade provided by some trees at the grocery store. Seeking covered areas to park your car not only helps protect the paint from the sun, but also the headlights and rubberized trim that waterproofs your doors and windows.

Clean, Dry, and Wax Your Car

Cleaning your car is very important. Scratches left by dirt, salt, and grit on an unwashed car let the sun’s radiation damage paint beneath the top coat, speeding up the damage it can cause. If necessary, consider using an auto detailing clay bar to get rid of the nastiest stuck-on grime, like dead bugs and road tar. Next, grab a soft cotton mitt or cloth, bucket, and automotive soap. Make sure to work out of direct sunlight, as this can cause premature drying and an incomplete wash.

Make sure to hand-dry your car after washing. If water droplets are left to evaporate on their own, mineral deposits will be left behind on your car’s paint. These mineral deposits look poor, and are bad for your car’s paint. A quick dry with a cotton rag or chamois is all that is needed to protect your car from mineral deposits.

Waxing your car is one of the most effective ways to keep it looking beautiful and protect it from the elements. After waxing, your vehicle is covered by a shell that repels dirt to protect your paint from pit damage and defends against ultraviolet radiation. Heat created by the engine puts extra stress on the paint on the hood of your car, and direct sunlight scorches the roof – it is a good idea to pay particularly close attention to these areas.

Protective Auto Films

If you are serious about protecting your car’s finish, consider investing in a Paint Protection Films (PPF). These films protect your car’s body panels from most environmental factors, they are guaranteed for life, and they can be safely removed anytime. To ensure quality and performance, make sure to have the film installed by an experienced professional, like our wonderful Autobahn technicians.

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